Why NJMCDirect Not Working?

There are several reasons why NJMCDirect is not working when you try using it. These are:

Browser Settings: If your browser is set to clear the browsing history and other saved data automatically, then this would cause NJMCDirect to malfunction. To change this setting, go to your browser’s Settings and look for the ‘Privacy’ tab.

The names and locations of these settings may differ from one browser to another, so check all tabs until you find the right setting.

Server Issues: The NJMCDirect system is made of several components; sometimes, one or more of these components experience technical issues. Restarting the server should fix these issues, but if it doesn’t, you will have to wait until the company staff can fix them.

Computer Issues: Computers are also prone to technical issues, and these can be anything from malware that causes system failures to outdated drivers or corrupted software. In this case, you will have to fix whatever issue is causing your computer trouble.

Traffic Ticket Information: If the information provided on your traffic ticket is incorrect, it might not be processed correctly.

If you have tried all of these and NJMCDirect still isn’t working for you, then the best way to get help would be to contact the support team directly. They should be able to address any issues you may be encountering and help you resolve them so that you can start using NJMCDirect again as soon as possible.

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