Speeding Ticket Points in New Jersey (Updated 2023)

Speeding Ticket Points in New Jersey: In New Jersey, break traffic rules or park your car in no parking areas. Then NJ traffic police will be caught you, and they will give you a traffic ticket that you have to pay within a given time on that ticket.

Speeding tickets is one of the traffic tickets in NJ. Whenever you acquire a speeding ticket, some points also will be added on your driving license. A collection of many points may cause suspension of your driving license.

Speeding ticket violations can impact on your license and auto insurance. If you strongly feel that ticket is wrongly imposed on you. You must then appeal for the revision in NJMC court because if the violation is more significant, you can be liable to pay much higher fines. And, in some cases, your license can be suspended, or some even carry jail risk.

So, you must hire a lawyer to fight the case, or if you have good knowledge about traffic laws, you can fight yourself. Let’s have a look at NJ speeding ticket points and penalties.

New Jersey Speeding Ticket Points and Penalties

new jersey speeding ticket points

If you are caught for the speeding violation, then some points will also add to your license and fines. These points are pre-decided. Following is the NJ speeding points list:

  • NJSA 39:4-98 – New Jersey Speeding: Overpowering maximum speed 1-14 mph over limit = 2 points
  • NJSA 39:4-99 – New Jersey Speeding: Overpowering maximum speed 15-29 mph over limit= 4 points
  • NJSA 39:4-99 – New Jersey Speeding: Overpowering maximum speed 30 mph or severe over limit= 5 points

If you are not able to understand from the above format. Then, you can better understand it by the following table:

Speed Over LimitFinePoints
1-9 mph$852
10-14 mph$952
15-19 mph$1054
20-24 mph$2004
25-29 mph$2204
30-34 mph$2405
35-39 mph$2695

More points can be caused for your driving license suspension. Whenever you are fined for the speeding violation, then it will appear on your NJ driving record. Auto insurers will notice the offence, and it can impact on the insurance rate. According to a study, a speeding ticket can raise the rate by up to 15%.

What is the cost of a New Jersey speeding ticket?

Following are the cost and fines which you have to pay if you get a speeding ticket:

Fines: The cost of an NJ speeding ticket depends on the speed of the driver. It will cost between $85 to $260. If you cross 1-9 mph speed limit, then it will cost you 85$: $95 for 10-14 mph; $105 for 15-19 mph; $200 for 20-24 mph; $220 for 25-29 mph; $240 for 30-34 mph; and $260 for 35-39 mph over. The fine will double if the driver goes over the 65 MPH speed limit.

Court Costs for revision ticket: Court costs have to pay those drivers who appeal to revision their speeding tickets in the court. They have to pay 34$ fee to the NJMC court.

Surcharges: If six or more points worth of speeding tickets will be added on your driving license in New Jersey over three years, you have to pay a surcharge. The Surcharge is an extra fee combined with speeding tickets. You have to pay a fine of $150 for the next three years and $25 for each point over six.

FAQ’s – People Also Ask

How long does it take to get points off your license in New Jersey?

If you go with no traffic ticket violation, no suspension, or any points, 3 points will be deducted from your driving license. The year will count from the date of the last violation or most recent date of license restoration.

Is it worth fighting a speeding ticket in NJ?

Yes, you can get some negotiation in speeding ticket fines by hiring a New Jersey traffic lawyer. In most cases, an NJ traffic lawyer will at least be able to succeed in smaller violations. He/she can appeal to negotiate, so your speeding fine will be lesser, and no points or fewer points will be added in your license.

Can 2 points affect your insurance in NJ?

It is depending on the state, insurance company and type of violation. Generally, two points can increase the driver’s insurance cost by 20% to 100%. Two points are imposed for minor traffic violations such as driving at night without headlights, taking illegal U-Turn, etc.

How can I get rid of points in NJ?

Following are the ways to get rid of points in New Jersey:

  • If you go one year (from the date of the most recent violation or your license restoration) with no infringement or suspension, it will be reduced by 3 points in your license.
  • You can remove two points by taking the NJ defensive driving program organized by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. This thing you can do once every five years.
  • Three points can remove by taking a New Jersey Driver Improvement or Probationary Driver Program.

What is the statute of limitations for the NJ speeding ticket?

There is no statute of limitations for the NJ speeding ticket. Drivers who are fined for the speeding violation must appear in the NJMC Court or pay traffic ticket online through New Jersey Municipal Court official website www.njmcdirect.com, on or before the given time, which is also written at their speeding ticket. If they don’t pay on time, then the NJ court will issue a “Failure to Appear” notice, and you can be arrested.

How do I know how many points I have?

You can contact NJ MVC and ask them about your license points. Also, you can speak to them to send data at your address. They will charge a fee for this. Or you can know it through the following list of violations and their points:

Type of ViolationsNumber of Points
Moving against traffic2
Careless driving2
Failure to yield to pedestrian2
Failure to abide by traffic sings and singles2
Excessive Speed: 1-14 MPH over limit2
Excessive Speed: 15-20 MPH over limit4
Improper passing4
Excessive Speed: 30 MPH or more over limit5
Following too closely; Tailgating5
Reckless driving5
Causing an accident resulting in personal injury8

How many points does it require for the suspension of your license in New Jersey?

If you accumulate 12 or more points on your driving license, your driving license will be suspended in New Jersey.


More points on your New Jersey driving records can be the reason for your driving license suspension. We hope our article will help you reduce your license points and pay fines quickly in New Jersey. Still, if you have any queries, let us know through comments. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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