NJ Traffic Violation Codes and Fines {Updated 2023}

Many different traffic violation codes you can receive in NJ and how much they will cost you. This includes things like driving without a license or registration, speeding, running red lights, DUI or DWI offenses, and more. The penalties for these violations could range from fines to imprisonment depending on the severity of the offense. You can include additional information about the DMV, and how to handle a traffic ticket.

NJ traffic violation Codes and fines

There are many traffic violation codes and fines in NJMCDirect. These fines can be pretty steep, so it’s important to have a little background knowledge on these violations before you’re pulled over and fined for something you didn’t know was illegal. Understanding what’s legal and what isn’t will not only save you time, money, and embarrassment but may also help keep you out of jail!

Legal Issues to Consider Before Driving in New Jersey On the spot fines for traffic violations are steep and can add up fast. One of my first jobs was working security at a parking garage in NYC, which is where I got a lot of exposure to both laws and automobiles.

While I never personally issued any tickets, let alone receive one myself (I was pretty awesome like that), many times people would come back home after receiving an expensive ticket for something as simple as an illegal right turn or not paying tolls on time.

People who drive through New Jersey should be especially careful about what they do while driving because even small infractions can lead to fines much higher than those elsewhere.

About Traffic Laws of New Jersey

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the traffic laws of New Jersey before you drive through the state. By knowing what’s legal and what’s illegal, drivers can avoid fines and other issues that may arise from breaking traffic laws.

Bring all of your paperwork to court so you avoid any issues with trying to prove that your license is valid mistakenly if it’s not. Just remember even one ticket while driving on a suspended license will result in severe penalties beyond an expensive fine. Drivers who get caught doing things like running red lights or speeding will have their vehicles impounded and will have to pay hefty fines in order to get their vehicle back.

Codes & Fines for traffic violations in New Jersey:

As for Traffic Violation Codes and Fines in New Jersey, these are two important factors to take into account before driving through the state. Tickets can add up while traveling through New Jersey and this should be taken into account when budgeting for the trip as a few mistakes could result in tickets being handed out. You can also refer this updated pdf for codes & fines list.

New Jersey Fines

The fines for traffic violations in New Jersey are set by county, but they usually range from $54-$200. The fines will increase with the number of violations that have been accrued previously. For example, if you violate one traffic law, you might get a ticket worth $54 but if you violate five traffic laws, your ticket might cost $200.


If someone has a traffic violation in New Jersey, they will receive a notice. If they don’t pay the fine on time, additional penalties or charges could be added to the original ticket.

Contacting the Court

Drivers who want to contest their tickets should contact the court as soon as possible because there are certain processes that must be followed to help ensure that everything goes smoothly. The court may ask drivers for specific information about their cases and if they don’t have it readily available, it might extend the process even further. Those who ignore their traffic violations entirely can also faced with fines or jail time if caught by an officer.

New Jersey Speed Limits:

The speed limit in New Jersey is 65 mph unless otherwise posted (outside of urban areas), 55 mph for motorcycles, and 45 mph for school buses. 35 mph maximum on New Jersey Turnpike (I-95).


Ticket  $54 Fine $250 – $400 plus 2 points 15-3(a)   Pass Interference        $300 fine 5 Points 80-20 Rule  ¨ If the violation occurs in a construction zone or when workers are present, there is an additional $50 to $75 ticket

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