How to Reinstate a License in NJ?

How to Know If Your License is Expired?

A driving license is a legal document that is required to be proved that you are fit and eligible to drive a vehicle. So, you must have a real and valid license. It must be up to date. If your license is expired and you didn’t renew it. Then it can be put you in trouble.

Traffic officers can be imposed fine on you for breaking the law. Apart from this, there are many issues that you can face if your license is expired. For example, if you meet with an accident so that the insurance company will refuse you for the settlements. That way, you keep in mind the expiration date of your driving license and renew it on time.

There are two methods to renew your driving license online method’ and ‘offline method.’ Through the online process, you can renew your license easily by following a few steps. But first of all, you must know your license is expired or has been suspended by the NJ municipal court because there is a different procedure to deal with them.

So, in case of license expiration, you have to deal with the NJ MVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission). And in the license suspension case, you have to deal with the New Jersey Municipal court. 

Njmc suspended your license when your traffic violation points reached on specific limits. So, in this case, you have to apply for the restoration of your driving license after a certain period. You can know about this period by visiting court or calling on njmc customer service number. But before applying for your license restoration, you must clear all the outstanding violations charges and surcharge. 

How to Reinstate/Restore Your License or Registration in New Jersey?

Before you know how you can restore your license, you must know about your license suspension. To know about your license suspension’s reasons, you can contact the NJ MVC (new jersey motor vehicle commission) via calling on the following numbers.

Njmvc customer care number :-    

(609) 292-6500 (paid line)

1-888-486-3339 (toll-free number)

You can ask all information about your license by calling on these numbers. They have all the driving records. So you can get all the required details and information. 

Following details, you must know about your license restoration:

Suspension period – you can’t instantly apply for the license restoration after it gets suspended. You have to wait for a specific period, after completing that period you can apply for reinstatement. You should ask the NJ MVC team about the time you have to wait for your license restoration.

Surcharge – you must ask, how much surcharge is imposed on you. And clear all the surcharges and other outstanding fees for the restoration of your license. 

You can also request all information to send to your address. They will charge only $15 as a service fee.

Methods of Paying Nj License Restoration Fee

Once the suspension period has been completed, and you have paid all the outstanding charges and fines. Then you can apply for reinstating your license and registration. They will charge $100 as a reinstatement fee. There are three ways to submit this fee. You can choose at your convenience. 

Following are methods that can be used to pay license restoration/reinstatement fees:

Online payment: you can pay the restoration fee online through NJMVC’s official website. You need the following details for the online payment:

  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Driving license number
  • Debit card/credit card

Note – your area zip code should be similar to your driving license record.

At your local motor vehicle agency: you can submit a driving license restoration fee direct by visiting your nearby Nj MVC office. 

By mailing a check or money order: you can also pay the fee through check or money order. You must include the bottom part of your suspension notice and send it to the NJMVC at the following address. 

Mail to:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O. Box 140

Trenton, NJ 08650-0140

But in the case, you do not have the bottom part of your suspension notice, then mail your payment to this address instead:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O. Box 134

Trenton, NJ 08650-0134

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