How to Pay Traffic Tickets in Arizona

Traffic rules are not only for other people’s safety; it will also help you take precautions from the accidents. And if you break traffic rules, you can face many problems. First, you have to pay fines, along with that, there are many things which will be affected by a traffic ticket, such as insurance premium rates, violation points, higher fees, risk of license suspension, etc.

What are your options if you have been issued a ticket?

How to Pay Traffic Tickets in Arizona
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When you get a traffic ticket in Arizona, you have to options – plead guilty and plead not to be guilty. If you plead guilty, then pay fine by using any method. This ticket will be recorded on your driving records. And it will affect your insurance premium coverage cost and rates.

If you want to plead not to be guilty, so you have to take a date to fight in the court before the last ticket payment date from the municipal court. You also can hire a traffic lawyer to represent you in court. If you win the case, the judge will dismiss your ticket immediately.

How do I pay a traffic ticket online in Arizona?

There are many ways to pay for traffic tickets in Arizona. These areas following:

Online payment: You can pay your traffic tickets online through Arizona municipal court official website in AZ. You will need your traffic ticket number, court id, license number, etc. you can use a credit or debit card for online payment. It is a secure, fast, and convenient way. But you have to pay some extra fee if you use the municipal court’s online payment portal in Arizona.

Payment through Mail: You can pay traffic tickets by sending mail to az municipal court mailing address with necessary documents. You can pay with a cheque or money order. And don’t forget to attach the bottom part of the ticket.

Payment through Call: Traffic ticket payment also can be made on the phone. But not all municipal courts accept payment over the Call. There is some courthouse in Arizona where you can pay your traffic tickets over the phone.

In-Person: You can pay your ticket by visiting the Az municipal court. But it is a very time-consuming way of payment. You have to wait for your turn by standing in a long queue.

What Is the Penalty Point System for Arizona?

Whenever you get a traffic ticket, some penalty points add to your driving license. Most of the US states follow this penalty points system. Arizona is also one of them. The value of points depends on your offense. Following is the list of the traffic violations and the penalty points you can get for them in the Arizona:

Traffic ViolationPenalty Points Issued
DUI8 points
Reckless driving8 points
Aggressive driving8 points
Hit and run6 points
Leaving the scene of an accident6 points
Failure to stop at a traffic signal, stop sign, or to give right-of-way, resulting in death6 points
Failure to stop at a traffic signal, stop sign, or to give right-of-way, resulting in serious injury4 points
A speeding violation3 points
Driving over, or parking in a gore area3 points
Other minor moving violations2 points

What happens if you ignore your ticket?

You get 30 days in Arizona to pay traffic tickets. If you don’t pay tickets in this period or don’t take any other action against your traffic ticket. Then, Arizona municipal court can impose a higher fine on you. And if you do the same thing multiple times, it can lead you to jail, and your driving license also can be suspended.

How do you check if you are eligible for defensive driving, Arizona?

There are some terms and conditions that you must be followed, and then you can be eligible for a defensive driving school in Arizona. These areas following:

  • If you didn’t attend a defensive driving course within the last 12 months, then you can join.
  • Your violation must be in the list of eligible defensive driving violations in Arizona. Click here to view the eligible violations list.
  • If you have a commercial license, then you are also eligible for a driving program.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an extension on my traffic ticket in Arizona?

By taking defensive driving school, you can get an extension on your traffic ticket in Arizona. First, you have to complete defensive driving classes before the last date of ticket payment. Then, send proof of driving course completion to the AZ municipal court listed on your citation. The municipal court can extend traffic ticket payment if you send it timely, and your reason is valid.

How much is my speeding ticket in Arizona?

The speeding ticket amount depends on your speed limit and the nature of the violation in AZ. If you drive ten mph over the speed limit, then the penalty can be $250, and it raises by $50 for every five mph over ten mph. If your speed limit is over 20 mph, then the file will increase by $200. Over a limit or if violation will be massive, in that case, the license also can be removed or suspended. 

How many points is a speeding ticket in AZ?

Whenever you get a speeding ticket, some points add to your driving license for that violation. It can affect your insurance rates. And if these points exceed from the limit pre-decided by the Arizona municipal court or motor vehicle department, then your driving license also can be suspended.

How many points will you get? It depends on speed over the limit and your offense. Usually, in most of the speeding infraction, 3 points will be added to your driving license. The following are some common civil violations and their issues which you will get if you do that offense:

  • Speeding – 3 points
  • Failure to stop for a sign or traffic signal, or yield the right of way – 4 points
  • Driving over/parking in a gore area – 3 points
  • Following too closely – 2 points

How long does a ticket stay on your record in AZ?

A ticket stays for 12 months in your driving records in Arizona. If you acquire eight or more than points on your driving records, then your license will suspend for 12 months. So, for the license restoration, you have to attend Traffic Survival School.


We hope this article will help you to pay your traffic ticket in Arizona. If you have any queries about Az traffic tickets, ask us through the comment. 😊

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