How to get a New Jersey Dealer License in easy 6 steps

If you want to obtain a New Jersey dealer’s license. All you need to do is obtain a dealer surety bond insurance from the insurance agency. You’re, going to need to get a federal tax ID number and a New Jersey sales tax license.

Have your fingerprints taken you’re the building in a lot? I’m, going to show you how to register with the Secretary of State’s office, and then we’re going to submit a New Jersey dealer license application to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

So, I’m going to show you how to easily obtain your New Jersey dealer license right now.

New Jersey Dealer License

How to get a New Jersey Dealer License

If you’re a licensed dealer or you’re interested in obtaining your dealer’s license for the very first time our content is designed just for you, so please consider, reading this whole step guide.

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New Jersey Dealer License Online Application

So, I want to go in-depth to get a New Jersey dealer license with the following six steps:

Step 1: Dealer Surety Bond and Insurance   

To get a New Jersey dealer’s license, you need to have a dealer surety bond and in dealer insurance, okay and always recommend this as the first step, because this will determine all the costs that are necessary to obtain your license.

So, your dealer surety bond, is to be dependent upon your credit score and your dealer insurance will be dependent upon your driving record. So, you know the state of New Jersey has one of the lowest dealer surety bond prices in the country.

You only have to have a ten-thousand-dollar dealer surety bond. You do need to have dealer insurance, though, that has a hundred thousand dollars to fifty thousand for bodily injury and twenty-five thousand dollars for property damage.

So hopefully, you’ll be able to get that dealer insurance and the dealer surety bond through one insurance company and by the way, if you are currently a licensed dealer – and you want to share some contact information, please give us your insurance agents contact information in the comments below you know, so give us a great place where New Jersey dealers can get a dealer surety bond and dealer insurance and those comics below.

So, we can help everybody else and I’ll help. Those insurance agents run their businesses as well so get this taken. Care of this is part of the requirement to get a license, and there you can see this insurance a court form that your insurance agent will be able to provide you and that’s, going to show the state of New Jersey that You do carry insurance, so you will be able to be granted.

Step 2: Federal Tax ID Number and New Jersey Sales Tax Certificate

To get a New Jersey dealer license, you’ve got to get a federal tax ID number and a New Jersey sales tax certificate. So, before you apply for your New Jersey dealer license, you got to get that federal tax ID and a New Jersey sales tax ID I’ll.

Show you how easy this is to do, but you know if you want to call in your sales tax certificate to the state of New Jersey. You can call six, oh nine, nine, nine, nine, and then click option seven. But I’ll.

Show you how you can do all this online and this needs to be done before you obtain your license. Okay, so I want to kind of magnify this here or show it to you. When you’re, getting your federal employment number, it’s through the IRS website, and you’re just going to go through a couple of screenshots right here.

Apply for An EIN Online

If you want to apply for an EIN online, and then click on the link to open the online application form, and this just takes a couple of minutes to do this. But for this scenario I want to show you how to get a federal employment number, just as an LLC, I mean this is just an example here for you, I’m, not telling you.

You need to start your New Jersey dealership as an LLC, but if you’re starting as an LLC, this is going to be how you get your federal employment number. So, you click that little button right there let’s say we have two persons on the license, and obviously that LLC will be in the state of New Jersey.

You’ll need to state why you’re obtaining your federal employment number. So, most of us are starting a business for the very first time, so you probably be checking that top button right there and you’ll need to put the name of one of the owners.

You last one person on the dealers. His name has to be here and then you put the address of your dealership along with your business entity. Name, click continue and you are done and now you’ve got federal employment.

Number, so you just have to download it there or if you want to, you, can have the IRS mail it to you, but that does take four weeks, and that you know is going to put a four-week hold on your dealer’s license because you cannot get A New Jersey dealers license until you have that federal employment number.

So, another number that we have to get is called your sales tax certificate number. So, the state of New Jersey does require that you have a sales tax certificate and by the way, you have to have your federal employment number before you could get your sales tax certificate.

  • If you want to get your federal employment number first and then visit the New Jersey business portal.
  • Then, you have to click on business registration option get started there. It’s very automated this step-by-step website. The state of New Jersey maintains for business owners.

Step 3: Fingerprints

You must also have your fingerprints taken before you’re, granted a New Jersey dealer license. So, the state of New Jersey requires dealers to be of a higher level of ethical standard than the average person walking down the street.

Because when you get your New Jersey dealer’s license you’re going to be handling very large. Significant financial transaction, so most of the vehicles you sell, are going to be worth several thousands of dollars and before the state of New Jersey gives you that oversight they want to make sure you know they’re, not giving the dealer license with somebody that robbed a bank or you know, was managing some auto theft ring.

You know a couple of years ago, so these fingerprints can be taken automatically, and this is the fingerprint notification form and I’ll. Show you this in a moment again because it’s going to be attached to your New Jersey dealer application.

But I want to give you another great phone number. Have any questions about how to get your fingerprints taken? Please call. 609. 292. 6500 and then press five zero one four! If you have any questions whatsoever about your fingerprints.

Step 4. Building & Lot

You know to have a New Jersey dealers license, you must have a building that you’re going to have your dealers license that okay, so your building must be permanently Enclosed it’s, got to be owned or leased by you, and it has to be devoted mainly to the operation of your dealership.

So, you know the New Jersey dealers shall conduct business at the building at the same property as the display law. So, your display lot does have to be the same address as your dealership building from here on out.

This is going to be where your sales tax activity takes place. So, you’re not able to sell vehicles. You know some other license locations. You have to have sales activity right there at your license, location unless you’re selling vehicles at a dealer.

The auction, okay, so make sure that you’re building a lot meet local zoning requirements and what to prove that to the state I’ll show you that here in just a little bit, but the state of New Jersey does also require that you have a working landline that is listed in the license.

These trade names – okay, so you didn’t have a working landline. Some states allow a cell phone to be your official landline with the state of New Jersey. Like many other states. Still, they do require that you have a landline.

They want your customers to be able to get a hold of you, whether your customers have a question about a vehicle. They want to purchase from you, or maybe they’ve got a question about a vehicle they’ve already purchased from you.

You have to be accessible so that’s. Why you’re, going to make sure that you have your phone number. Also, you have to have a business sign and the business site has to have your name and ours and your phone number so like I said, we have to make sure that our customers know when we’re accessible.

Step 5: Register Your New Business with New Jersey Secretary of State’s Office

So, you know the New Jersey Secretary of State is not only the state of New Jersey’s leading election authority. They are also in charge of keeping a record of every business operating in New Jersey. They want a record of this dealership that you’re, going to be opening as well.

So, before you file your business with before you apply for your dealer license, you have to file your business with the New Jersey Secretary of State, and, if you want to you, can do this over the phone, But I’m going to show you here just a little bit how easy it is to do online.

But if you want to register your business with the New Jersey Secretary of State, you can call 609 292. Excuse me, 92 92, but I’m going to show you know when you go to that website. It is very, very easy to do entirely entirety, but you can certainly give them a call and they will certainly walk you through the whole process.

Step 6: Fill up and Submit the NJ Dealer License Application

You can download application online, and you know if you make any mistakes in application. The state of New Jersey is going to send this thing right back to you, so you certainly want to make sure that you’re, doing it correctly.

Okay, so I’m, going to tell you how to easily download this first. You know when you go to Google type in New Jersey dealer license application. It’s going to be the top link there. So, you can click on that link right. Or click here to download New Jersey Dealer License Application.

There be able to download that thing really quick and a couple of things I want to bring to your attention here at the very top of that application. You want to make sure that you’re, leaving all this information blank, so that’s for the state of New Jersey.

They’re, going to issue your new license number and things like that. But you’re, going to put your business entity name here and if you’re a corporation or a partnership or a sole proprietor, you’ll need to select that on the New Jersey dealer license application.

Then we also want to know, if you hope I have held the dealer license in another jurisdiction like in another state. They want to know the dates. You incorporated your business and you’re going to list.

You know if you submit a false application to the state of New Jersey. You can be charged with a misdemeanor, so you need to make sure of your dealer license. Application is true and corrects there once again, as that fingerprint request form that’s.

Send All Documents to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

Once again, you will need to gather all that information and shove it into a great big envelope put a couple three stamps on there and you have to mail that to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission at the business licensing Services Bureau.

  • New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Business Licensing Services Bureau
  • P.O. Bo 170
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Phone Number: 08666-0170 or 609-292-6500 et. 5014
  • Official Website:

Final Words

This is the detailed guide to get the dealer license in New Jersey. We hope our article will be helpful for you. If you have any queries, let us know through the comment. And we want to wish you the very best of luck with the operation of your dealership.

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