How To Avoid Paying Traffic Tickets

When a traffic ticket issue on you; you should not pay instantly without checking it. Because sometimes ticket can be imposed on you for the wrong reason. Or it can also be possible there is any mistake on the ticket. And many ways can help you to get rid off from traffic or parking ticket payment.

11 Effective Ways to Avoid Paying Traffic Tickets

how to avoid paying traffic tickets

Some ways can help you to avoid a traffic ticket. These areas following:

Use Public Transport

If you don’t use your vehicle much often, you will not be liable to get a traffic ticket. Yes, we know public transports take much time and also very crowed. But it can save lots of money, fuel charges, traffic ticket, parking ticket fines, etc.

Check your ticket

Whenever you get access, you should not pay it immediately. Before paying the ticket, you must read it carefully. Some times it can be possible that there is any mistake in your traffic ticket. So, you always check it and make sure everything is right.

If there is any mistake is speeding ticket; you should contact njmcdirect. You can call on their official customer care phone number (973) 284 4945, or you can visit your nearby njmc court. Tell them about the mistake, they will correct it, or in some case, njmc officer can dismiss it.

Unfair tickets

Sometimes you can get a ticket by mistake. It can be a misunderstanding of a traffic officer. In that case, you should file pledge not to be guilty in the new jersey municipal court. Because on every speeding ticket, some points add on your driving license and after a limit, it can be the reason for your driving license suspension.

After filing an appeal, the judge will give you a date, and you have to appear in the court on that date. Tell judge all the facts and show him evidence and proofs. If your case is complicated, so you should hire a traffic lawyer to represent you in the njmc court.

Be Respectful

When you break any minor traffic rule, respectful behaviour can save you from getting a ticket. You should slow down your vehicle and pull it to the side. You should talk about the traffic office, politely. Using sir/ma’am, sorry and thank you words can help you to get an only warning instead of a traffic ticket.

Make an Appointment

You should contact the NJ court or visit on their official address during their business hour. Ask them for a meeting about your ticket. Tell the officer reasons for breaking the rules and why they should waive or reduce your ticket charges.

For the Book Enthusiasts

There are many books on how to avoid traffic tickets. It will help if you read these books not to get a ticket. You must read “Beat That Parking Ticket,” book which is written by Haskell Nussbaum. This book is adorable; it can help you to avoid paying tickets. This book you can get from any local library. And there are so many other books similar to it.

A Note for The Ticket

Sometimes this idea of writing note can work for you. Because traffic officers are also a human being, they also have emotions. So, it would be best if you made a note; that should contain real facts and appeal to their feelings.

This idea was tried by a driver in Wisconsin, who parked his car overnight in the metered zone. Because he doesn’t have any other choice, it received a parking ticket for this. Then, he wrote a short, cute and straightforward note to the njmcdirect officers. After reading that, a traffic officer forgave him. They didn’t issue any ticket and left him only after a warning.

Go to Court 

Before paying the ticket, you should visit the court or contact their customer care number once. Because sometimes officers can negotiate the ticket amount or can dismiss if there is any mistake on the ticket. If there is not, then you can pay it online through or in-person visit the njmc court.

Look for mistakes

Traffic officers work all day, and sometimes they can be confused or misunderstood. And they can issue the wrong ticket or can make any mistake on the ticket. So, you should not pay for the ticket immediately. You should check the traffic ticket. If there is any suspicious or wrong, you should enquire in the NJ court about your ticket. In case njmc officers find anything unfair, they will revoke the ticket.

Get a Traffic Lawyer

An experienced lawyer can help you to waive or reduce the fine of your traffic ticket. If your ticket amount is massive, so you should hire a traffic lawyer. It will be worthy.

FAQ’s – People Also Ask

How do you get a ticket waived?

You have to contact or visit the njmcdirect court before the date mention at the bottom of your traffic ticket. Pledge not to be guilty in front of njmc judge. Then, the judge will give you a date for your trial. You have to appeal on that date in the court. You can hire a lawyer to fight for you. If a ticket is wrongly imposed on you or it has any mistake, tell that in the court and ask to waive the ticket. If your point is genuine and valid, the New Jersey municipal court judge can waive ticket immediately.

How do you avoid traffic citations?

There are some tips which can help you to avoid traffic citations. These areas following:

  1. Pullover quickly when you hear the siren of a traffic officer.
  2. Turn off the engine of your vehicle during traffic stops and traffic lights.
  3. If you are driving in the night time, always keep on Interior lights of the vehicle.
  4. Always keep your hand on the steering wheel while driving.
  5. When you violate traffic rules, turn off your phone and radio because it shows that you don’t have any regret of your mistake.
  6. Don’t lie
  7. Don’t argue with a traffic officer or njmc judge court.
  8. Behave politely and answer the judge’s questions honestly.

Is getting a lawyer for a speeding ticket worth it?

If your fine amount is massive so hiring a lawyer can be beneficial for you. and you feel that you are not guilty, then you should fight in the njmc court. Because whenever you receive a speeding ticket, some points add in your driving license. When it exceeds 12, your license can be suspended, and the insurance rate also increased. So, in that case, it will be worth to hire a lawyer.

How do you ask a judge to lower a ticket?

If you want to reduce your ticket fine. So, you should be polite and admit your mistake in front of the judge in NJ. Also, provide them with a reason for the traffic violation and make promise them, not to do it again. If he/she finds your reason valid, then your ticket amount can reduce.


We hope this article will help you to avoid paying a traffic ticket or reduce the ticket amount. If you have any queries about NJMC ticket payment or NJMCdirect, let us know through comment. You also can contact njmc customer care number for inquiry.

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