Some General FAQ About Njmcdirect is the online traffic ticket payment portal conducted by the New Jersey Municipal Court. Njmcdirect website makes traffic and parking ticket violation process easy and more convenient. So, you don’t need to go njmc court to pay the traffic ticket. You can pay through the njmcdirect official website This website is fast and secure, and you can access njmc direct portal from anywhere.

Usually, it takes maximum of 4 days to view traffic tickets on the njmcdirect website. If it is not available after four days, then you must contact the court. Following are the contact details of the njmcdirect:

Phone Number: (973) 284 4945

Fax: (973) 284 4914

NJMCDirect Office Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street

Traffic Ticket FAQ about

Following are some traffic ticket FAQ about which will help you to get your traffic ticket related queries answer:

What tickets can be paid through

Although, every traffic ticket you can pay through the Njmcdirect online website. But there are some situations, in that you can’t pay a ticket online then you have to visit the njmc municipal court to pay a traffic ticket. You must be meet with the following criteria to pay ticket through

  • The traffic violations must be a payable violation, and the traffic officer who issued the ticket should not indicate that the court appearance will be required. If he noted on your violation ticket, then you can’t pay the ticket online.
  • No warrants should not be issued for your ticket.
  • Tickets may be on a time payment order.

What do I need to search for my traffic ticket and Time Payment Order?

To search for your traffic ticket and time payment order, you will be required court id, ticket prefix code (if applicable), ticket number, and license plate number. The license plate number must be matched with the number on the traffic ticket to start the ticket paying procedure.

What do I need to search for a complaint?

You must have a traffic ticket to view the complaint. Following details, you will need to search your complaint:

  • Court id
  • Prefix code (if applicable)
  • Year (which is mentioned in your traffic ticket)
  • Complaint number
  • Other search criteria like Last Name/Business Name or Defendant Zip Code.

General FAQ About

Following are some general faq about which will help you get the online traffic ticket pay related general queries answer:

What is njmdirect?

Njmc direct is a new jersey municipal court traffic ticket payment and information website. Where you can pay your traffic tickets, it is a fast and secure way to pay traffic violation tickets.

Will there be an additional charge for using

Yes, if you pay your traffic ticket through Then, you have to pay the service fee also. The service fee will be 3% of the total amount due.

Can traffic ticket payments be made any time using

No, njmc direct online portal is not available 24*7 hours for pay tickets. There are certain hours of operation, which are as follows:

Mon – Thurs – 4:30am – 11:15pm

Fri – 4:30am – 10:15pm

Sat – 4:30am – 3:15pm

Sun – 1:00pm – 11:15pm

If you want to get information about traffic tickets or time payment orders, so you can do this at any time on This website is available 24*7 for inquires.

Will I get a receipt for a payment made through

Yes, after making the payment successfully. You will see there an option for the print receipt. You can print it.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

Although, if you want to pay a traffic ticket through njmcdirect, then you be required a credit card. But if you don’t have it, so first see on the back of the ticket if there is no mention of any other option for payment. Then you can contact the municipal court for the alternate payment options.


Njmcdirect is a beneficial site. It saves your time and makes traffic violation ticket paying process easy. Now you don’t need to stand in a long queue to pay for a ticket. And we hope the above FAQs about will help you to get the answer to your questions. If we missed any questions, then please let us know through a comment.

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  1. How do I dispute a ticket online? I got a letter telling me I could use the Municipal Online Resolution System by going to “option 2 ‘Dispute Case’. But I am not finding anything like that anywhere.


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